Josh McCown will be Browns’ starting quarterback

know who will serve as their starting quarterback against the jerseys.

McCown told reporters he was “moving in the right direction” to be able to play Sunday versus the New York Jets.

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Team coach Hue Jackson announced Friday veteran quarterback would be the first starter since the second week clavicle fracture.

“Definitely been medically cleared to play,” Jackson said of McCown. “We’ll see how it goes throughout the week”.

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Rookie quarterback ’s performance was admirable. Browns may value Kessler, but is still not through the concussion check process and determine not play the next game. Kessler led Browns 0-5 as a starter but completed 66.9% of the pass, made four touchdowns passing touchdowns. Kessler’s first attack of his first show was very bad, but he was good to complete the rebound.

McCown has always been a good quarterback, however, his problem is difficult to maintain health. In the effectiveness of Brown’s two seasons, McCown started nine games and had 14 touchdowns.

Cleveland Browns Nike Game JerseyBrowns are 0-7 now, but they still have reason to be optimistic. In the case of Jackson as the team’s coach and some young core players can become the cornerstone of the team, Browns can still have chances.

In Detroit, we have been conditioned to right away look at the empty 1 / 2 the glass at all times when it depends on new coaches, new front office personal, new players and especially new quarterbacks. Years of futility in the position have made fans distrustful. And one player in particular has wine basket almost impossible to embrace a first-round draft choice at Qb.

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